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About D. Anne

I was in a sexually abusive marriage for many years.  At first I wasn’t sure that it was abuse…after all, women are supposed to please their husband, right?  I’m sure that many other women are dealing with what I dealt with: being forced, coerced, pressured, or manipulated to perform things they were either uncomfortable with or found painful.

I tried to change what was hurting me, but wasn’t successful.  I continued to try, but I finally realized that it wasn’t going to change.  At that point, I left.  it was traumatic, painful and scary.  Today, a few years later, I’m at peace, and I’m in a new marriage where my wishes are respected and there is no pressure.

My goal is to help women who are such circumstances, giving them guidance and hope, and a place where someone understands.

I recently published my ebook, “To Love and to Cherish…facing sexual abuse in marriage”, (D. Anne Pierce) on Amazon.  I hope it helps many other women who are realizing that they too are dealing with sexual abuse, in their marriage.

Hugs to all who pass this way.

D. Anne


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