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Welcome to “Facing Sexual Abuse in Marriage”

If you found this blog, chances are that you too are in a marriage where your wishes and opinions don’t count, at least not in the bedroom.  Often we don’t realize we’re in an abusive relationship until it has gotten so bad that we can’t help but wake up and see reality.  By then we are hurt, worn out, worn thin, and confused.

This blog is for women who are trying to figure out if what they’re dealing with is in fact abuse, and how to deal with it.  It is also a place where women can find others who have walked where they walk, and understand.  I want it to be a place of encouragement, understanding and love.

I recently published my ebook “To Love and to Cherish…facing sexual abuse in marriage” (D. Anne Pierce) on Amazon.  I hope and pray that it will be helpful to many women as they face their own situation and decide what to do next.